What Our Patients Say

Please read through what some of our patients have to say. The best judge of a dentist is the smiles of his patients. Drs. Powell have many smiling patients. This is a sampling of what patients just like you have to say about Dr. Ronald and Dr. Todd Powell.

How did you feel loosing a front tooth? “I always felt self conscious of how my front teeth looked. Now I smile freely and don’t even think about it. Going through the small tragedy of loosing a tooth was worth it for the smile that I have now.” - Mike Frosaker

“My front teeth broke when I was hit with a metal basket in sixth grade.  My teeth were little stubs.  They looked horrible.  I just couldn’t go around like that. Now people don’t notice my dental work even when I tell them that I have laminates.  I am very comfortable smiling. I get compliments on my nice bright smile all of the time." - Michael Murray

“When I first saw what Dr. Powell did for my smile, I loved it!  Previously I was always self-conscious about the old discolored bonding on my front tooth and dark silver fillings in the back.  Dr. Powell made the whole even more painless then I expected.  I think that most people don’t tell anyone when they have had a front tooth worked on.  I however like to let people guess which one it is.  No one ever gets it right.” - Charlene Thunder

Angela is a professsional model who had a discolored tooth right in the middle of her smile. Dr. Todd turned this unsightly situation into a beautiful smile. Angela

"I smile without thinking about it, and I didn't do that before. How do I feel now? Normal... I was confident that Dr. Powell would provide the great results that he did and that he would make the whole process easy." - Carroll

"My new college friends don't believe I was ever missing two front teeth. My new implants not only look natural, they feel normal right down to the surface texture." - Jennifer Jennifer

“Prior to my dental treatment I didn’t want to smile or laugh in public.  My personality was different because something was missing in my everyday life, laughter.”

“Now I’m free to smile and laugh whenever I want to without worrying as to how many people see my teeth.  I can talk to people without ‘hiding’ my upper teeth.  The teeth are easy to floss and food doesn’t seem to get caught as much compared to before treatment. Having the six teeth done in the same time span seemed as if it was too long but I guess I was antsy to see my new teeth.  It was worth it! I’m glad my teeth were restored so beautifully.  My mom still asks me to open my mouth so she can admire Dr. Todd’s workmanship.  Thank you Dr. Todd." - Irene Turner

“Prior to my dental treatment I was very self conscious of my teeth, especially after a front tooth cracked in half and needed major repair.  I now smile and laugh with much more confidence.  The new teeth feel completely comfortable and natural.  I am amazed by the precise fit.” - John Beckman


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