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"I came to Dr. Todd after many years of teeth grinding. My teeth were terribly broken in the front, and at the time, I was too embarrassed to smile or open my mouth without covering it with my hand or turning away. I had no idea where to turn, or what my options were. I also had several terrible dental experiences in my youth, so I was afraid to visit a dentist again, even though I desperately needed to, fearing the pain. I had resolved myself to horrible teeth and a weak, hidden smile.

When the deteriorating condition of my teeth became a health issue, I knew I had to act soon.

I found Dr. Todd on the Internet, and after meeting with him, I realized that dentistry had evolved a great deal since I last visited a dentist. Dr. Todd took the time to explain to me all of the options available to me, how he would work with me, and also how I could help myself in the future. He put me at ease, and I could tell that he genuinely cared about my dental experience.

After his consultation, I opted to have my smile completely redone. The process took several visits, but considering the work and the results, it really wasn't long at all. We first began with whitening. My teeth had yellowed over the years, and we wanted my old teeth to match the shade of my new teeth. After a few weeks, my teeth were very bright!

After this, we went to work on my six top front teeth to renew my smile. Dr. Todd replaced them all, even closing up my old familiar gap between the top two teeth. Dr. Todd also constructed a mouth guard for me to wear at night that fits perfectly. My new and old teeth will always be protected.

Now that we're done, I feel like a new person. I'm amazed at how quickly I've grown used to my new teeth, not only in how they feel (they feel like my own already!), but in how comfortable I feel smiling in public. It's as if it's always been this way. I wonder why I didn't do this long ago.

It's only been a few weeks since we've completed my new smile, and I've received many, many compliments, not only from people who knew I was receiving dental treatment, but from those who had never seen my smile before. When a compliment comes out of the blue about your smile from someone you've never met, it makes you realize how effective Dr. Todd's work can be for your overall confidence and overall health.

If you are considering dental work or are simply ashamed or embarrassed by your current smile, I urge you to at least talk with Dr. Todd. You might not even realize your options, as I didn't realize. Knowledge is power, and you'll most likely stun yourself when you realize what can be done on a very fair budget.

I would be very happy to share my experience with you. Just ask Dr. Todd."

- Mike H.

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