Make an Appointment Today to speak with Our Cosmetic Dentists about New Fillings and Fillings ReplacementAPanorex X-Rays are yet another way how advances in photography have added to the better use of dental procedures. A Panorex X-Ray machine might look a little strange and futuristic to people who aren’t familiar with it – the machine itself requires you to sit down and put your head in an apparatus that will swivel around your neck and jaw.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Barrington Illinois - Cosmetic Dentists Dr. Todd and Dr. Ron PowellThe purpose of a Panorex X-Ray is to get a full look at the entire inside of your mouth. The word “panorex” is derived from “panoramic.” Photography buffs will recognize the word panoramic as a picture that scans an entire scene – most regular panoramic pictures involve taking snapshots over a large expanse and then putting them together digitally to reveal one large, long picture of the entire scene.

A Panorex X-Ray works in the same way, just in your mouth. The rotating parts of the machine are taking digital x rays – so there is no need to worry about radiation during the process as none is used – and then piecing them together so both you and the dentist can have a look at your entire mouth from ear to ear.

The use of this kind of X ray is limitless. Whereas traditional x rays were only able to take photographs of one side of your mouth, the Panorex X-Ray allows the dentists at Barrington Dental Care™ to see an x ray of your entire mouth at the same time.  This can be useful for checking the alignment of your jaw, looking at the oral health of your mouth as a whole – the possibilities are endless.

When a dentist asks you to take a Panorex X-Ray, this is what he or she is referring to.  It’s another step up in the process of the dental technology revolution that is occurring all across the country.  Be sure to take advantage of it and feel free to ask the dentists at Barrington Dental Care™ questions if you have them – the health of your smile will reward you.

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