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Make an Appointment Today to speak with Our Cosmetic Dentists about New Fillings and Fillings ReplacementAn intraoral camera might be used if the dentists at Barrington Dental Care™ need to look inside of your mouth and take pictures of places that might be hard to see with the naked eye. Over the course of a  typical dentistry procedure, most of the time Dr. Todd or Dr. Ron and their assistants can take care of the issue without having to use a camera, but depending on the intricacy of the procedure, an intraoral camera might be the best way to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Barrington Illinois - Cosmetic Dentists Dr. Todd and Dr. Ron PowellIntraoral cameras are also used to take photographs of the tooth or gums for further study at a later date. If you are experience pain or the dentist suspects a problem with the tooth but will need to have another specialist look at it, pictures might be taken with an intraoral camera. This allows further investigation of potential maladies to be addressed and specialists who might not be local will be able to do further study on the problem areas.

The use of an intraoral camera is painless. It’s a toothbrush-like apparatus most of the time that is used to take photographs. If the camera is being used at the same time as another procedure is going on, you might be sedated for the sake of the other procedure and pictures might be taken at this time – but you will likely never be sedated for the sake of camera usage if you are not typically sedated for routine dental practices.

Intraoral cameras are just another example of how technology and dentistry can combine to provide the best in care for patients. Being able to take photographs of teeth or other problem areas allows documentation to be recorded of the entire dental procedure, which helps both the dentist and the patient at the end of the day.

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