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Make an Appointment Today to speak with Our Cosmetic Dentists about New Fillings and Fillings ReplacementIn dentistry, you might be asked to have a diagnostic wax up taken of your mouth at some point. This is typically used for more advanced dental procedures, as a diagnostic wax up is a way of getting an impression of your teeth before a procedure begins. If you’re familiar with child projects, you might know the art where children push their hand into a plaster of Paris square and thus immortalize their hand print. Diagnostic Wax Ups work in the same way – minus the plaster of Paris, of course.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Barrington Illinois - Cosmetic Dentists Dr. Todd and Dr. Ron PowellDiagnostic Wax Ups are most often used for cosmetic dentistry practices. They take the current shape of your teeth and then remold them so that you can see the results of your cosmetic practice before you go through with it. A diagnostic wax up is used in a way that is based off of the actual shape of your mouth and shows how your teeth will really look after the procedure. After all, it’s all well and good to be able to look at a perfect mannequin smile of a procedure before you go through with it, but these false teeth are not a true representation of your mouth and gums. A diagnostic wax up takes a simple model to the next level, and allows you to actually look at what your mouth will be like after the procedure is finished.

If you come into Barrington Denal Care for cosmetic dentistry purposes, odds are that a diagnostic wax up will be part of the process. You might find it strange to see your teeth outside of your head – but the teeth you’ll see will be the vision of what your mouth will look like after the procedure, so it will more than likely make you smile! If the visage of the diagnostic wax up isn’t to your liking, be sure to speak up, and the dentists at Barrington Dental Care™™ will happily provide you with other alternatives.

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